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Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice (2001)

Directed by: Spike Jonze

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Sam Pepper handcuffs himself to women on the street, refusing to release one woman until she kisses him



In January, Sam Pepper uploaded a video called “How To Get A Girlfriend Easy” in which he sneaks up behind or beside unsuspecting women on the street and handcuffs them to himself. He then tells them they’re “his girlfriend now.”

When one victim reacts furiously, saying “No! I don’t know you! Take it off!” and demands that he remove the handcuffs, he refuses and replies with “We’re dating now.” She tries again, “Look, I don’t know where you’re from, but we don’t do this in America. Take this off,” while fighting with the cuffs. He refuses again, insisting they’re “going on a date.” She then tells him that she’s married, to which he says “No, you’re married to me now,” and refuses yet again to remove the handcuffs.

At the end of the video, another woman is pleading with him to undo the handcuffs, and he refuses to until she kisses him on the lips. Pepper appears to think the entire scenario is hilarious at best and endearingly misguided at worst, while the women being “pranked” are visibly livid, terrified, and profoundly uncomfortable.


We need to stop calling assault by white men on men of color and women of all races “pranks,” because it makes them seem lighthearted and fun, not like the violent criminal acts they are.

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Fave movies → Shaun of the Dead (5/?)

"To recap, it is vital that you stay in your homes. Make no attempt to reach loved ones, and avoid all physical contact with the assailants."

"Do you believe everything you hear on TV?"

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If anybody was wondering, this is my workout I’m starting next week.



I just realized that the lack of acceptance for asexuals is literally the dumbest thing.
Like, you can’t handle the thought of two dudes kissing? Okay you’re dumb and terrible whatever.
But you can’t handle the idea… Of someone… Not kissing anyone? What are you worried about? They’re gonna eat too much mac n cheese?? Draw too many dinosaurs??? Tell me

Just throwing this out there, but nearly every time I hear someone talking about asexuals, they’re always presented as very childlike. The activities usually include coloring books and kids’ shows. 

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This was my chemistry professor.

How did he die??
Never mind, I have an idea. 

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For everyone saying Nolan’s Batman has no sense of humor. 
Come on. Come ooooooon. 

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Michalis Kefalianos (2012) +Video


Michalis Kefalianos (2012) +Video

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