You know what language I love? Welsh.

I mean




can you not 




this ridiculous


amazing language?

you know our word for ‘microwave’ is ‘popty ping’, right?

this language is literally keysmashing

if you think i’m ever calling a microwave anything but a popty ping EVER again you are so fucking wrong. 

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#globalgathering #ruaware #zyzz #flex #girlswholift #dance Amazing weekend. Went hard as fuck, now the long wait for Bestival!

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  • Republicans: Stop the war in Iraq! Bring our troops home, Obama!
  • Republicans: Start a war in Syria! Bomb Iran! Get involved in Gaza! You're a pussy Obama, start a damn war!


woke up this morning and my shoulders are sore for the first time in a while. Shout out to laying lateral raises for targeting my medial deltoid. If you are looking to target your shoulder give that one a try. I got a solid mind muscle connection on it. 

I read your tags.

Talkin to me, son??

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i would rather take thor’s hammer to the face than work 2:30-11:30 tonight

fucking kill me now

Is this a sexual euphemism or do you mean that you want to get smashed in the chops with a large, ancient, heavy weapon of destruction?

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So my best guy friend flipped out when I told him I'm taking whey and creatine


His argument was that girls should lift only to enhance their thighs (not too bulky though) and butt, to have a nice stomach (with no extremely visible abs), but shouldn’t have big shoulders and arms.

When I told him that I find girls with defined muscles attractive…

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Fave movies → Shaun of the Dead (5/?)

"To recap, it is vital that you stay in your homes. Make no attempt to reach loved ones, and avoid all physical contact with the assailants."

"Do you believe everything you hear on TV?"

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There are moments when Watchmen reminds me of Blade Runner. Usually just in the overall atmosphere; the way it feels. But sometimes the music and the tone and the nihilistic certainty of the main characters is such a perfect fit that I can’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia.


The best thing about characters like Riddick, V, Batman, Jason Bourne, etc. is that they’re so damned smart. Sure, they can kick nearly all the asses, but that ass-kickery is secondary. It’s not the point of them.
They know all the variables, they’ve got eyes on all the exits. They know the mind of every player inside and out. It’s like they’ve got a copy of the script, and all they have to do is put the dominos in place.

See, to me, all the best action heroes are the ones who use their minds to win, and the muscle is just a tool.

But let’s be honest. Violence makes for some fucking awesome cinema.